Learn through Trivia

Learn through Trivia

Jan. 4, as you may or may not have known, was National Trivia Day. We will be celebrating this fact by using a different trivia structure in regard to the questions during January. Rather than use the approach of topical trivia (as an example, fast food restaurant mottoes) we will have overall trivia questions. These questions will cover a wide variety of areas.

Remember, research is allowable. It helps to keep the brain active.

1. What comedian said, “I’m not funny. What I am is brave”?

2. What is a single virus particle called?

3. What did Robert Recorde invent?

4. The first time a woman was on a U.S. coin, it was what woman and what coin?

For the answers, visit the “Opinion” tab on enquirerdemocrat.com.


1. Lucille Ball

2. virion

3. the equal sign

4. Susan B. Anthony on the dollar coin