Learn through Trivia

Learn through Trivia

Halloween is not far away. Do you go “trick or treating,” which is for many a big part of Halloween? So are scary movies and witches among other things. That is why this is entitled as it is – Halloween Miscellaneous.

1. What percentage of candy in the U.S.is purchased for Halloween?

2. What does it mean if you see a spider on Halloween?

3. What does the word witch come from?

4. From 1931 to 1956 what motion picture studio set the standard for horrifying movies?

5. What actor played Frankenstein, the wolf man, Dracula and the mummy in motion pictures?

6. In a well known poem what season is it said that the wolfman can change?

Thanks to Phyllis Chatlos who helped me with developing some of the questions.

For the answers, visit the “Opinion” tab on enquirerdemocrat.com.


1. 25 percent

2. A deceased love one is watching over you

3. Comes from the word “wica”; old Saxon word means “wise one”

4. Universal

5. Lon Chaney Jr.

6. Autumn