Lake revenue far surpasses projections

Lake revenue far surpasses projections

4 20 17


It was reported at the April 13 meeting of Carlinville’s Lake Rec Committee that revenue at the lake over the last year has surpassed previous projections.

Chairman Doug Downey reported that boat licenses brought in $2,200 more than was budgeted. Camping fees were estimated to bring in $36,000, but actually brought in $75,000, almost $40,000 more than was projected. “We pretty much kept our expenses in line, except for a few items we went over. But it pretty much looks like we are $42,000 in the black this year,” said Downey.

Lake Manager Mark Boatman reports that there are 51 campers and he gets about three calls a week. He also noted that the activity room is complete and the new cabin was recently installed. He told the committee that he had someone come out to see about electrifying the structure and consideration was being given on how to furnish the building.

Boatman also stated he thinks, since making the lake no wake, there are more people fishing on the lake and that a 12-pound catfish was caught there last week. He reported that the boat ramp at Lake 2 could use some rock.

In a review of the budget, Downey reported there is still $4,000 in the capital outlay line item, some of which will be used to complete the interior of the new cabin. He reported that an air conditioner has been purchased and will soon be installed. It was noted that calls are already coming in to rent the cabin.

The cabin cost about $4,600 with a budget of $1,500 to finish the interior and install the electric. A discussion was held regarding tracking expenses associated with purchase and installation of the cabin, as well as exactly what revenues it brings in so the city will have something to look at if it’s decided to purchase more cabins for the lake.

Downey reported that an Ameren bill for $5,296 is part of the electrical upgrade going in at the lake, which is budgeted for the next fiscal year starting in May.

“This cost is for them to bring new lines in and for the engineering of the lines. We’ll do all the engineering of the new electrical grid,” explained Downey, who explained the total budgeted cost of the project is $15,000. The work has not yet been done and Ameren wants to be paid for the engineering before the work is done. Downey noted that the electrical project will go before the full council for approval because of the cost.

Downey told the group that he would like to see the electrical work in the bottom section complete before Memorial Day.

A motion was approved to recommend the electrical project to the full council for approval.

The committee approved a motion to recommend the campground be promoted with a web page. According to Downey, the domain name will cost $149 for three years; hosting fees are $14 per month, with an additional $4 per month to have the site prioritized on search engines.

A discussion was held regarding the removal of two dead trees at the lake. It was determined that an effort should be made to look into the best time to remove the trees (now, or in the fall) and what campers need to be moved so the work can be completed. It may be cheaper to have the trees removed at the same time.

The committee tabled an agenda item about the credit card machine because no further information had come in.

The committee agreed to purchase two loads of sand and two loads of rock. It was noted there is money for the materials in next year’s budget.

An agenda item regarding storage at the Zeke Building was tabled. There were also no lease transfers ready by meeting time.

Motions were approved to recommend payment of the monthly bills and to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.