Lake Ad Hoc meeting over final project wrap ups

Lake Ad Hoc meeting over final project wrap

CARLINVILLE (Aug. 24, 2017) – The Carlinville Lake Ad Hoc meeting last Thursday featured an update on where some of the final projects are standing as reimbursements are in the process of getting started.

Best Management Practices (BMP) construction certifications are in the process of being completed. Two projects are still under construction and need a look at by Ronnie Paul, architect Heneghan and Associates before certification can be granted.

Those two projects include the Gilmore Cove structure, at a reimbursement cost of $24,900 and the Joiner Structure, at a reimbursement cost of $9,500 – both on city property.

Properties that have been granted certification include the Staton’s Pond, holding $800 for seeding, for a reimbursement of $19,217.93.

The Jay Greenwalt basins project, minus the $900 for seeding, has a final reimbursement of $9,880.

Blackburn College’s native plant regeneration project will have a reimbursement of $13,366.51 coming.

The city’s Hammons/Reid pond project completed with a reimbursement of $43,800.

The 319 grant, a federal grant through Rural Development which pays for watershed improvements, has a balance of about $25,000 that was unused, and the city will apply to the Environmental Protection Agency for reimbursement.

Reimbursement checks will be able to be sent out after approval by the full council at Monday’s meeting. A motion was made and approved to have the bills ready for approval on Monday.

Without 319 funding, discussion was raised whether the committee should continue meeting.

There was agreement that the committee should not be disbanded, but perhaps meeting on an as-needed basis or on a quarterly basis.

The committee will meet next month, Sept. 14 at 6 p.m. and discussion over further meetings will take place then.

Lake Rec

A short Carlinville Lake Rec meeting followed the Lake AdHoc meeting.

Committee chair Doug Downey said at the June meeting up to $7000 was approved to have the city get some dumpsters and remove three or four mobile homes on the lake area.

Downey is going to get bids from contractors and go with the lowest bid. Motion to get bids was approved.

A tree trimmer will be heading out to the lake to remove some dead branches  hovering over mobile homes in the area.

No bids have been set out yet. The committee granted up to $600 to approve a bid.

Deb Brooks, one of the residents at the campsite, brought up talk of having smoking containers placed in the campground area.

Campground manager Mark Boatman said no-smoking signs have been posted and that containers will be put up at least 15 feet from the concession stands.

Brooks also inquired about getting the speed bumps repainted. Downey said that oil and chipping of the roads at the campground will take place in September, and they will address that concern at that time.

In his campground report, Boatman reported the new cabin has had 10 guests since the opening on June 24, spanning 20 nights and bringing in around $800.

“We have had zero complaints on the cabin,” Boatman said.

He also mentioned that there are guests from Toronto, Ontario coming to camp at Carlinville Lake on Monday to view the solar eclipse.