Ladies’ golf league hosts awards banquet

Ladies’ golf league hosts awards banquet

CARLINVILLE (Oct. 4, 2018) – Carlinville Country Club’s ladies’ golf league ended its season with a “Christmas in September” awards banquet, held Sept. 10 at the Keg Room and catered by Judy Carriker.

This year’s league was comprised of 11 two-person teams playing a 14-week schedule of two seven-week halves. Winning the first half was the team of Karen Bates and Carmen Trump; winners of the second half were Mary Guthrie and Sherri Hallbauer. These teams went head-to-head for the league championship, with Bates and Trump being this year’s winning team.

Taking second place in the first half was the team of Mary Kay Berry and Della Sullivan; second place team for the second half was Bates and Trump. Since they were playing for first and second, third place was awarded to Berry and Sullivan. Mary Beth Bellm and Carrie Harris received fourth place overall. All the place winners were awarded gifts and applause for their accomplishments.

Others recognized for the season with gifts were Bellm and Tammie Hammann, most birdies; Michelle Owsley, most improved handicap; Bates, most points earned; Trump, most pars and low average putter; and Hamman, low ringer card score. Seven women shared in the chip-in pot, with Bellm winning $110. A weekly extra game was played, with the winners being awarded various prizes.

The ladies held their end-of-year handicap tournament on Aug. 27 with 18 participants. Low gross honors went to Stacey Rouse (45) and second low gross went to Hammann (48). Second low net went to Rouse (34), and this year’s handicap tournament ended in a tie between Nikki Harris and Jane Reichmann, both with 33. All ladies were presented with gifts and recognized for their accomplishments.

The league is open to all female Carlinville Country Club members age 18 and older. League play is held from 4:30-6 p.m. on Mondays, followed by food and socializing in the Keg Room.

Winners of Carlinville Country Club’s ladies’ golf league 2018 season were, front row, from left, Carmen Trump, Karen Bates and Mary Guthrie; back row, Mary Beth Bellm, Carrie Harris, Mary Kay Berry and Della Sullivan. Not pictured is Sherri Hallbauer.

Nikki Harris and Jane Reichmann tied for the ladies’ league 2018 Handicap Championship, with both recording a score of 33. They received gifts and will share the traveling trophy for the year.