The Lab: Supplements and wellness branch open at D&D Fitness

The Lab: Supplements and wellness branch open at


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Pietro Lentini had been playing soccer overseas in Italy but a new destiny awaited him after he suffered a knee injury.

Upon returning to Carlinville, where his family runs the Reno’s Italian Pizzeria & Ristorante, Lentini met and teamed up with Ryan Kleeman – a CHS graduate and former member of the Macoupin County Chief Executive Office Program – that recently opened a new business specializing in health and wellness through supplement service. The new branch, now titled ‘The Lab’, is located within the D&D Fitness Center at the town Plaza.

“This started out as a high school project, but I wanted to turn this into a business,” said Kleeman. “I originally planned to run this on my own but Pietro had more ideas and he eventually persuaded me to let him join in.”

“I was bummed out for a while after I got hurt, but then I found a fitness in the gym and I fell in love with it,” Lentini said. “After that, I started taking supplements and I was fascinated by this facility when Ryan and I met up.”

Lentini also took pride in using the recent coronavirus lockdown to better himself while working with Kleeman on renovations.

“I made a vow to myself that I wanted to be the best version of myself before I did this,” said Lentini. “I had shredded 20 to 25 pounds to prove to people that I knew about nutrition, fitness and supplementation.”

Although The Lab just opened up two weeks ago, it has already been visited by several local big-name athletes like 2016 Rio Olympian and NCAA national champion discus thrower Kelsey Card; Division I athlete Daniel Card; Southern Illinois Carbondale baseball player Kyle Dixon; former IHSA state track athlete Will Walton and more.

“Everyone, especially the younger kids,  loves the vibes that are in here,” said Lentini. “The environment is fun, it’s modern and it’s for everybody.”

The Lab offers products in many catagories. A few examples include energy, vitamins, protein, muscle-building, wellness and digestion – all organic.

“We have pretty much everything you need,” said Lentini. “You really can’t go wrong with that kind of selection.”

“We’re the only true supplement store because we present a much-higher quality,” said Kleeman. “You won’t be able to find some of the things we offer in regular supplement stores because we deal with a lot of smarter brands. You generally can’t find those in a small town like Carlinville.”

One of the company’s logos, which was completely hand-painted by Lentini’s sister, Erica Lentini, has already been shown to 148,000 followers on a popular webpage known as Insane Labz. The design features a monkey with arms forming a ‘circle of life’ featuring the following.

The sun is the component of all life. The apple indicates a healthy diet. The heart represents a healthy bloodstream. The barbell means high-quality strength. The DNA strand ties everything together.

The other logo has a lab flask that indicates a representation of sports’ science.

“One symbolizes what we want you to think, while the other represents how the supplements work,” said Kleeman. “It’s a rather unique and abstract design.”

As the Plaza continues to expand, Lentini and Kleeman are prepared to grow and flourish along with it.

“We both love the community here and we don’t want to see it diminish,” said Lentini. “There is so much potential in this town and we are excited to see what the future holds.”

“We are here to stay and that’s without question,” said Kleeman.