Kravanya Funeral Homes now offering cremation services

Kravanya Funeral Homes now offering cremation services

Kravanya Funeral Homes’ new crematory is located in Benld.

BENLD, Ill., Aug. 3, 2017 — After two generations in the funeral business, Kravanya Funeral Home LTD, with locations in Gillespie, Benld and Bunker Hill, has recently launched its new subsidiary, Ideal Cremations, LLC.

“Over the two generations that we have been in business, just like any other industry, we have seen the needs and requests of families change and evolve when it comes to funeral services,” said Anthony Kravanya. “We have seen a gradual increase in the requests for cremation, and as we have always done, we respect and do our utmost to meet the requests of the deceased and their families. By expanding and constructing our own crematory, we are better able to meet those needs while at the same time reducing cost for those services.”

Cremation services will also be available for pets. “Pets are cherished parts of our families,” said Kravanya. “We felt it was important that if we were going to take this next step in expanding the services we offer that we would be able to use the facility to its fullest extent and offer cremation services for pets as well.”

Permitting and licensing documents have all been submitted for review and approval at the state level. The facility, located in Benld, is expected to be fully operational in late July. For more information, call (217) 839-2154.