Kraft v Carlinville reaches settlement

Kraft v Carlinville reaches settlement

Enquirer Democrat Reporter

John Kraft’s lawsuit against the city of Carlinville came to an abrupt end Friday morning, with the 11 a.m. hearing cancelled as both parties produced sufficient records to proceed into a settlement.

Kraft was represented by Josh Burday, who stated that remaining issues at this point are attorney fees and potential penalties against the public body in terms of the denied FOIA request.

“Carlinville has now produced the records that Mr. Kraft requested,” said Burday.  “Its failure to produce the records pursuant to FOIA was the reason the lawsuit was filed, so this is a good outcome.”

Carlinville resident George Cerar, who once ran for mayor against Deanna Demuzio, recalls how this, among many other FOIA lawsuits against the city of Carlinville, began. “I questioned her petitions because she had people signing them at city hall, which, according to the Attorney General’s office, it’s illegal to do that. So, I questioned that part of it, plus some of the signatures people were questioning, and Sherry Brianza decided to take it upon herself to sue the city because of that.

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