Kindness appreciated

To the editor:

CARLINVILLE (Aug. 23, 2018) – My wife and I want to publicly thank Dr. Sandino and the staff of Macoupin Veterinary Clinic for their kind and caring treatment of our dog Arley. His recent medical issues proved to be overwhelming Monday night, Aug. 13. Our profound gratitude to Dr. Sandino for meeting us at the clinic at 10:45 p.m. Dr. Sandino’s care and understanding as we were with Arley when his intense pain and suffering was mercifully ended was most helpful.

To euthanise a loved pet is a very difficult decision to make. But for Arley, the recent and rapid decline in his quality of life culminating in a long severe seizure Monday night that was clearly quite painful and distressing helped make the decision less painful Looking back over the last few weeks, we now see the series of very mild, short duration seizures he suffered. Attributing his mobility and occasional mild cognitive problems to major arthritic damage to his spine as well as his 12.5 years of age, we were hopeful for several more years with him. But the incredibly severe seizure Monday night, lasting well over an hour, with Arley terrified, actually screaming, not howling or barking, was the breaking point. The high probability of permanent severe damage weighed in our difficult decision to let him go without more suffering.

Again, our thanks and gratitude to Dr. Sandino and before him Dr. Dumphy and the entire staff, past and present, of the clinic, both for their final care of Arley and their care of our dogs over the last 34 years.

We also want to thank the people who stopped to pet and compliment each of our dogs on our daily walks over the years. Our, admittedly spoiled, dogs accepted this attention as their just due and were always happy to be the center of attention.

A few years ago, this paper printed a photo of Arley and me walking, with the result of me sometimes being greeted, often by strangers, even when I was without a dog, as
“the guy who walks the dog.”

One last thing! Please don’t offer us a dog! We seem to attract abandoned dogs; three of our four dogs just appeared in our home as rescue dogs. One was actually dumped at my parents’ farm one night, 100 feet from their front door at 10:15 p.m.

Lynn N. Eichen and Donna C. Coonrod,