Keeping the old barber shop feel in 2017

Keeping the old barber shop feel in 2017

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By Jess Willard

Old fashioned barber shops may seem extinct in a world where hair salons are prominently displayed around every corner. However, Ballinger’s Barber Shop has been keeping the tradition alive in Carlinville. Owner Tanner Clagg took over the operation around 2000 to 2001 and shared his thoughts about the unique industry.

According to Clagg, Carlinville has had a barber shop available for decades. The previous owner operated the business starting in 1961, but Clagg noted it existed far beforehand. Currently, he and barber Brady Fish provide services there.

Ballinger’s provides haircuts for $11 and hot lather shaves around the neck and ears. The barbers do beard trims as well. “We offer services to men of all ethnic backgrounds,” noted Clagg. “However, our shop doesn’t really have particular services  for women.” Additionally, all appointments are walk-ins for the organization.

Clagg explained that he decided to take over Ballinger’s when the opportunity was presented to him. He added, “I was going to school and wasn’t sure what I wanted my future career to be. The previous owner, Bob, said he was looking for someone to take over the business, and I chose to give it a shot.” Clagg believes it was worth sticking with, and he enjoys the work he gets to do.

Unfornately, any customer service position comes with its challenges in regards to keeping clients happy. “It can be difficult dealing with people,” he laughed. “But in all seriousness, I want to make sure that people leave here feeling satisfied, and that the public continues to utilize what we have to give.”

On top of the conversational and comfortable air that Ballinger’s gives off when clients walk through the door, Clagg was happy to say that customers have a distinct loyalty to the shop. “We have generations of families that utilize our services,” he said. One customer said that he’s been coming to the barber shop for 50 years.

For those looking to experience the traditional barber shop feel, Ballinger’s is located at 125 North Broad Street in Carlinville. They can be contacted via phone at (217) 854-4152 or found on Facebook under “Ballinger’s Barber Shop.”

  Tanner Suits (front) gets his hair cleaned up by Ballinger’s Barber Shop owner Tanner Clagg.