Karate staff to visit tournament in Los Angeles

Karate staff to visit tournament in Los Angeles

7 27 17

Members of Garner’s Premier Karate will attend the World Battle of LA, an international tournament in Los Angeles, hosted by James Garner’s instructor and the president and founder of the Hwa Rang World Tang Soo Do Federation, Grandmaster HoSik Pak.

This event is also a celebration of Grandmaster Pak’s 50th Anniversary in martial arts. Along with the tournament, which is held July 29, there will be a seminar at GM Pak’s martial arts school in Granada Hills, CA on July 28.

Honors for various achievements and recognition will be exchanged from visiting instructors and dignitaries. There will be representatives of all ranks from Europe, South America, Asia, and the United States.

The tournament competitions include sparring, forms, weapon forms, a jump kick competition, and breaking. Participation is sure to be highly competitive.

Grandmaster HoSik Pak visited Carlinville for a short seminar in April 2016 where he was awarded the “Key to the City” by Mayor Demuzio.

Three members of Garner’s Premier Karate attending the World Battle of L.A., from left, are assistant instructor JoKyoSa James Gotcher; owner/head instructor of GPK KyoSa James Garner and SunBeh Isaac Gotcher. Photo provided