Jones the right candidate

To the Editor:

STAUNTON (Feb. 22, 2018) – Our 13th Congressional District is being ill-served by Representative Rodney Davis.

We deserve a representative who embraces the responsibilities and challenges of the office and whose record displays a strong understanding of the law and a fierce dedication to those served.  The representative we need is Erik Jones.

Jones, a life-long resident of central Illinois, has served as an Illinois Assistant Attorney General, Investigative Counsel for the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Oversight, and as Chief Investigative Counsel for U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce.

His efforts includes protecting Americans from predatory practices by health insurance companies, banking corporations, special interests, student lenders, and FEMA.

Erik Jones understands the impact of trade deals upon the farmers of the 13th District and will not rubberstamp a deal he believes will hurt his constituents. Jones understands that rural communities need a boost in small business start-ups and will advocate for rural broadband internet access. . He understands that cuts to Medicaid would have a dire impact on rural hospitals to provide healthcare as well as a negative economic impact on our small communities.

In contrast, Representative Rodney Davis disregards his constituents’ unique needs and votes in accordance with the current president 95 percent of the time. Davis does not conduct town halls or other outreach to listen to the voices of those he serves.

We need a Congressman who will stand up for us, step up to the fights, and back his words with action.  Jones has spent his entire career fighting for us, he has a record to show for it, and he will be ready to stand up for the people of the Illinois 13th District.

I urge you to support him in the primary on March 20.


Deborah McNaughton,