Introducing the summer intern

Introducing the summer intern

By Sebastian Hitzelburger

For the Write Team

CARLINVILLE (May 24, 2018) – My name is Sebastian Hitzelburger and I am from Beecher. I graduated from Beecher High School. I am a junior communications major at Blackburn College. I also have a minor in psychology. I come from a big family with five sisters, four nephews, and one niece. I love spending time with them whenever I get the chance to. I love taking them to the park to play.

I’ve also participated largely in theater when I was in high school and I was in 7 productions including Grease, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, A Christmas Chaos, and Virgil’s Family Wedding. I also volunteered at the Beecher Part Time Players Theater Camp last summer in the production of Seussical, Jr. I got the chance to teach 5-12 year olds everything I knew about theater and pass on the knowledge and fun of acting to the children. I’m still involved with my high school theater program and the camp and I go home to help out whenever I can.

I was also heavily involved in the music program at his high school, being in band all four years, choir for one year, and musical exploration for one year. I still continues to explore my passion and love for music and still play my saxophone, ukulele, and keyboard regularly. I am also involved in many leadership positions on campus at Blackburn College. I am president of Spectrum, a First Year Transition leader, a Resident Assistant, and a future Resident Director. As a leader on campus, I love seeing the campus grow and expand for the better.  My positions allow for me to get to know people around campus, better understand campus life, and understand what I can do to help students.

I spend my free time going on bike rides, reading, listening to music, playing music, painting, and hanging out with my friends. One of my favorite things to do with my friends are the frequent trips we make to Taco Bell on more nights of the week than I would care to say. I also enjoy playing around with Photoshop and making funny memes to entertain my friends.  Photoshop is another passion that I hope to continue to explore and learn more about in my senior year.

After graduation, I plan to join the Peace Corps or AmeriCorps if they’ll have me. If neither of those works out, I plan to go to graduate school to study film or gender and women’s studies, which are fields that I’m very interested in learning more about.

I am very excited to start this internship as I have always been interested in journalism but have never had to the time to learn more about the field. There are many aspects that draw me to journalism, but the writing is my biggest interest. Writing is something I enjoy in my free time but have never gotten to explore as a career path and I want to see where it can take me. I cannot wait to learn more about the field of journalism.