Hutson charged with first degree murder of Adams

Hutson charged with first degree murder of Adams

Chancey Y. Hutson


Coal Country Times Reporter

On July 25, Chancey Y. Hutson was charged with six crime counts during her inaugural hearing at Macoupin County Courthouse. Judge Joshua Meyer presided.

Hutson, along with William Kavanaugh, was recently arrested and charged in the murder of a Woodburn man during a Jan. 1, 2015 trespass. The victim’s name was Cody J. Adams.

According to court documents, Hutson and Kavanaugh traveled to Adams’ home in Woodburn with theft intentions. The  duo then shot and killed Adams with a .380 caliber handgun shot to the chest and upper arm. Hutson and Kavanaugh were aware of Adams’ presence before initiating the plot. The two individuals fled the scene prior to being caught via future investigations.

Three of Hutson’s six counts fall under first degree murder with additional charges of home invasion, aggravated battery and residential burglary.

Hutson’s three murder penalties all carry a sentencing range of 20 to 60 years in the Illinois Department in Corrections. There will also be an additional 25 years to life attached as punishment for firearm enhancement. If convicted, Hutson will be required to serve a three-year Mandatory Supervised Release period upon release.

Counts four and five both come with a penalty of six to 30 years in the Illinois Department in Corrections. The same three-year MSR period will be mandatory upon release.

The sentence of count six ranges from four to 15 years in the Illinois Department in Corrections with a two-year mandatory supervising period upon release from prison.

All counts are attached to fines that can range up to $25,000.

In the past, Hutson has been convicted of four separate felonies – methamphetamine possession, criminal damage to property, false police report and attempted escape from a penal institution.

The state will be requesting a $1 million bond. Based off of Hutson’s charge severity, criminal history and her determination to escape custody, this move and all charges were deemed appropriate by Meyer upon adjournment.

Kavanaugh was charged with the same six counts and penalties during his rescheduled court hearing on July 22.