Hula hoop spurs recent life lesson

Hula hoop spurs recent life lesson

Have you ever had a thought that suddenly put things in a clear light? That proverbial light bulb blinking and then shining bright with a thought that gave you a whole new look on life?

I had it happen to me the other day. It was the most mundane of tasks, putting away our outdoor summer items. Toys, rakes, sprinklers, that sort of thing. There I was, with a hula hoop in hand and nowhere to hang it.

I love my home. We found our perfect little country home almost by accident. It is a home of local legend – known to all because of the wonderful past residents whom I learn a little more about with each new neighbor I meet.

I love the history, quality and functionality of living in an older home where all the kinks have been worked out. I have been taking full advantage of every old nail, hook, and shelf that seem to be left in the perfect place for my things. And here I was, with no nail for my hula hoop!

I realized I would have to hammer in my own nail. Then it hit me. That blinding light, that a-ha moment I mentioned.

Here I am, relying on the past work of others to create comforts for me. But sometimes, you have to get out here and hammer in your own nail.

Life, just like my winter organizing project, is not something you can leave up to fate. Life is not something you can rely on the actions of others to complete for you. Sure, society’s past actions create a base — a building block if you will – for you to start with. But to get what you want out of your life, you need to take action.

At some point, you have to take a hard look at what you want to accomplish and go for it. Going to school because you are supposed to, getting a full time job because you are supposed to, settling down because you are supposed to are all important components of life. At some point, you will have to take a hammer and drive a nail into your life to make room for something new to satisfy your soul. It may be something simple, like a hobby that allows for a creative outlet. It may be something complicated – taking a class to gain a skill. It maybe something political, where you feel you have to take a stand for the betterment of your community.

Whatever it is, do not be afraid. Grab the hammer and put that nail where it needs go.

By Kathleen Clark