Honestly Different

To the editor

CARLINVILLE (Feb. 22, 2018) – “Honestly Different.” Those are the words written on Jon Ebel’s flyers, his website, and on the walls of his campaign office. Why? Because it’s not just his slogan. It’s what he believes America needs right now.

Jon Ebel is a candidate for Congress, vying to be the Democrat to unseat Rodney Davis in November. This is his first bid for public office. In a time when establishmentism is synonymous with corruption, we must acknowledge that the typical model of a politician is no longer serving America’s interests.

So who is Jon Ebel?

He is a military veteran, a historian, an author, and a University of Illinois professor. He believes there is a place in government for educators, academics, and citizens. Ebel’s platform is resolutely progressive, promising protection for women’s rights, preservation of the environment, and providing expanded access to healthcare.

However, the most compelling reason for supporting Jon Ebel is not his persuasive platform, nor is it his impressive resume. The Ebel campaign’s strongest appeal to support is simply Jon Ebel himself and why he is doing what he is doing.

Jon Ebel is not running for Congress because he wants fame our fortune, nor is he running because he sees an opportunity for power and influence. He’s running because it is his moral obligation. He sees a nation in danger, and, as a patriot, he decided he must protect it.

If you give him your vote, he will do just that.

Fred Holley