A hint of fall in the air not so bad

A hint of fall in the air not

By Eric Becker

The Write Team

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 7, 2017) – I’m very whiny when it comes to the weather.

Absolutely hate winter  – snow, ice, but most importantly – the cold.

Covering football games in the rain or cold is not my cup of tea, sotospeak, but then there’s those late summer or early fall evenings on Friday nights where it just seems everything is aligned right.

The cool crispness of a Friday evening under the lights at a high school football game somewhere – anywhere – is my ideal conditions.

Last week at Hillsboro and this past Friday at Mt. Olive were two of the most pleasant nights I can recall in recent memory.

Since I hate being cold, naturally, I bring a jacket or pullover to all the Friday games. Really didn’t need it last week, but it felt comfortable wearing it.

In the past, I have covered games in the rain – last year’s home game against Gillespie was a nightmare for me as I didn’t have the proper gear to keep anything somewhat dry. I even left the game for a spell to try and get dry. Once I reached my car it had – of course – nearly stopped raining.

When I worked in Nebraska, I worked a final game of the season where the temperature at game time was 21 degrees. I have never been more miserable at a game, ever. I was still cold a week later.

While I complain about the weather, it’s nothing in comparison to the folks in Texas who have to go through what they are going through right now.

Some areas received up to 50 inches of rain from Hurricane Harvey (which is a year’s worth of rain in one fell swoop)! It led to obvious flooding and several deaths related to the unfortunate set of circumstances. The scenes of thousands of people having to be rescued via boat from their housetops was just a bit too surreal.

I remember the damage that Katrina caused New Orleans some 12 years earlier, and the Houston area which took the blunt of it this year I’m sure conjured up memories of that disaster.

It’s predicted that Harvey will be the largest natural disaster cost-wise, in U.S. history. It’s terrible situation to witness watching on television, I cannot comprehend trying to be involved personally in something like that. God Bless Texans and the people who are spending time rescuing them from this despair in their lives.

There is another hurricane coming in toward Florida that could hit landfall this weekend. It’s already a Category 5 hurricane in the Atlantic. I wish everyone down there the best as they have to deal with that one.

This can be a great country when everybody comes together for the common goal. Let’s just not make it about politics.