Heritage Health offers public a view of new major facility changes

Heritage Health offers public a view of new

The old carpeting has been removed from the residents’ rooms. A soothing color motif, televisions in every room and updated furniture now allow them to feel more at home. Enquirer Democrat photo by Jordan Grucza.

This meeting room is updated with warm lighting, updated decor and new carpeting. Photo courtesy Heritage Health.


Enquirer Democrat Reporter

At the Heritage Health Lunch and Learn event last Thursday, community relations coordinator Jessika Page gave a tour of the facilities to educate the public about its latest renovations.

The renovations are still a work in progress, but now in many areas residents in the facility can rest easy with more relaxing seating for conversation and people-watching, entirely revamped halls with more soothing colors, all-new wainscoting, and rooms that feel homier, with hardwood floors in place of the old carpeting. There are also new high-definition TVs for each of the residents’ rooms as well.

One popular spot is a sort of “greeting nook” where residents can sit in comfortable high-backed chairs and either read or make conversation.

“They’re usually the ones to greet me when I come in,” said Page. “As long as it isn’t lunchtime, there’s usually someone sitting in these.”

After the tour, Heritage offered a lunch which included chicken alfredo, breadsticks, salad and pie. Facility administrator Morgan Vinyard explained these new offerings were all examples of what Heritage Health serves their residents.

Renovations took about a year and a half, with two rooms worked on at a time. According to Page, there is no timeframe for when the project will be finished, but the initial chaos and noise of construction has subsided and residents, while understanding of the realities of renovation, are now living comfortably.