A helping hand

2 16 17

Dear Editor:

At the end of September 2016, I had a very large tree limb fall in my front yard and crash through my front porch. After my kind neighbor used his equipment to remove the limb off my porch I was able to remove the damaged roof and railing and complete the repairs.

I contacted a tree service who was busy at the time but later did come and discuss a price. The tree service had other work at that time but told me they would be back. With the rain and wet soil the tree service said that they didn’t want their equipment to damage my lawn but would keep checking on the ground and come back when it was dry. Weeks went by and after a few more calls asking when the tree limb could be removed, I didn’t hear back.

January 2017, when at a local store, I saw three young men walk by and one had on a shirt with an advertisement for Emmons Tree Service. I kindly said “excuse me” and the young men turned to speak to me. I was given a business card which I called the next morning. The same young man, Jordan Emmons, did promptly arrive to my house that morning before I went to work. After giving me a quote this professional young man shook my hand, telling me that he would have the work complete that afternoon, and he did!

After having the three limb lay in my yard for over three months, I was excited to see the mess was gone and cleaned up so well you would never have known it had been there (except for the neatly piled logs for my fire pit that I asked him to leave). And to think that it took less than 24 hours after meeting the young man for it to happen.

With so much going on in our world and so many people finding excuses why they don’t have a job, to know that we have young people in our community willing to get their hands dirty (from hard work) was the best part of the experience.

Debi Rives