Helping Carlinville see more clearly

Helping Carlinville see more clearly

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By Jess Willard

To Macoupin County citizens, it is important to be able to receive the services they need within a close proximity rather than driving a distance. Optometrist Dr. Jon Reid, one of five optometrists with Advanced Eye Care, stressed that Advanced Eye Care’s multiple locations in and around the county allows them to take care of this particular need and provide coverage six days a week.

Advanced Eye Care has offices in Carlinville, Virden, Taylorville and Lincoln. Reid and optometrist Dr. Karen Rubrich are available at the Carlinville and Virden locations. Additionally, the organization serves more than 30 nursing homes in the area; every four to six months, the optometrists visit with their mobile equipment. “Just to clarify, we can conduct more in-depth exams in our office, but some patients don’t have that option,” said Reid.

In 1953, Advanced Eye Care was established in Virden, and an additional office was founded in Carlinville in 1987. This year will be the organization’s 30th anniversary in Carlinville.

Both locations feature the latest equipment  and inventory involving sunglasses, contact lenses, glasses etc. Like other visual healthcare firms, they also offer medical optometry services. They can assist with macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, etc.

Reid also wanted to note that once per month ophthalmologist Dr. Patrick Butler, whose home office is in Springfield, provides care at the Carlinville Area Hospital. He assists with pre- and post-operative evaluation and management of cataracts and conducts surgeries. Reid said, “This eliminates that commute for Carlinville citizens to Springfield or Saint Louis.”

One of the challenges that Reid outlined was the “changing landscape of healthcare.” In this regard, he referred to getting ahead of the game when it comes to alterations to insurance. “Additionally, optometry is one of the few health professions that has a retail and medical side; we have to cater to both halves,” Reid said. “We need to know our product for our clients as well as compete with online sales of glasses.”

Overall, Reid said Advanced Eye Care takes pride in their care. “I know it sounds generic, but before I came back to the Carlinville area, I met with the doctors at Advanced Eye Care. I was really impressed with their competency as professionals,” he said.

Reid added that just because Carlinville is a rural community, doesn’t mean the citizens here deserve second rate care. He felt strongly that the staff and optometrists at Advanced Eye Care work to provide great eye care.

 Advanced Eye Care’s Carlinville office is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year. Pictured from left to right are Dr. Karen Rubrich, Shirley Goodwin, Barb McDaniels, Brandy Sproull and Dr. Jon Reid.