Hello Carlinville from the new reporter

Hello Carlinville from the new reporter


Hello, I am the new sportswriter for the Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat. I am so humbled and excited to be your newest reporter.

I was born on May 17, 1995 and raised in Gillespie.  I guess it is only fitting I got hired in this industry, since I could read a newspaper when I was just three years old. I moved to Litchfield in 2002 and spent all my elementary and middle school days at Zion Lutheran School. I played basketball, baseball and ran cross country at Litchfield High School before being turned loose on the real world in 2013. I graduated college in December 2017 with a bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville.

Some memories from my early life include visiting the St. Louis Arch with my fourth grade class, memorizing all of the songs from Stephen Spielberg’s Anamaniacs, spending a week at Camp Cilca, getting first place at my school’s Modern Woodmen of America civic oration speech contest in 2007, being elected the 2013 Litchfield prom king and winning a halftime shooting contest during a college basketball game.

I have had the privilege of going on vacations with my family to Gulf Shores, Mt. Rushmore, Crazy Horse, an Arkansas diamond mine, New Orleans, Washington D.C., Indianapolis, and Chicago.

For all the big sports fans out there, I have a cousin, Nathan Culp, who played baseball with Cy Young award winner Max Scherzer (a.k.a his best friend) at the University of Missouri. He was drafted in the sixth round of the 2006 Major League Baseball draft by the San Diego Padres’ organization. He didn’t make it to the big leagues, but I was still able to see him pitch in several minor league contests during his time with the Fort Wayne Wizards, Lake Elsinore Storm and San Antonio Missions. Thanks to him, I got to meet Scherzer before he became one of baseball’s biggest stars. I was given the honor of shaking Max’s pitching hand at Nathan’s wedding in 2008.

I am so blessed and thankful for the life that I have been given. I have been a follower of Christ for my entire life and I have always taken pride in spreading more love to the world. In addition, I have grown to respect others just as they are because God made each of them special in their own way. For all who are reading this, let me extend a warm gratitude of thanks and wish you nothing but endless amounts of happiness on this beautiful day. If you are hanging your head, keep your chin up. You will never see the bright future that is ahead of you if you don’t look towards it. When times are tough, remember that life wouldn’t be meaningful if it was always easy. Treat every day like it is your last and never give up. I hope to see all of you at many future sporting events. Cheers and God bless!