Heads up Cavies! Go out and shock the World

Heads up Cavies! Go out and shock the

By Eric Becker

The Write Team

CARLINVILLE (May 10, 2018) – If anybody is really that upset about how the IHSA baseball seedings for the upcoming regional touranment, that is one thing we can’t control. But there has to be a better way of scheduling postseason games.

Yes, Carlinville has had a nice season on the ball diamond, with the pitching really coming into its own the last couple of weeks. Yet, when the annoucement of the seedings were released, Carlinville was seeded 10th out of 10 teams, despite having a winning record and having a better record against some of its regional competitors.

My advice is this: Go out and shock the world. Play with an edge, play with a chip on your shoulder. Just go out and prove the IHSA, my son’s first grade class or whomever put together those ridiculous regional pairings wrong.

Being seeded 10th out of 10 teams means there was no getting around a road trip for the first round of regionals, although I must say where the Cavaliers have to travel has me a bit befuddled to say the least.

They have to travel to Havana, Illinois. Not Havana, Cuba, although it might as well have been Havana, Cuba. Surprised they got spotted in the New Berlin Regional and not the Beardstown one. I mean, really, what’s the diff?

Nothing against the fine town of Havana, in fact their school nickname is so cool, the Ducks! It’s a fine town and they do have a nice Dairy Queen there, by the way. I do have an issue with a team having to travel such a long distance on a school night (Monday) for a postseason game.

We’re not talking about sectionals here – this is a regional game. First round of regionals – play-in game, BTW. I am not 100 percent sure, but this may be the longest haul for a regional tournament game ever for a CHS sporting team in any of the major sports.

Part of the issue is the location of Carlinville, itself. Sure, lets blame geography.

Each year the IHSA has to decide if Carlinville goes north or goes south. For baseball this year, it was north. Like way far north. Any farther north, and we’re talking about the arctic, okay?

Most of the time, CHS teams are bracketed with their South Central Conference friends, like softball was this year.

I have no explanation on why the IHSA sent Carlinville to Havana for a first-round matchup. Heck, if that has to be the case, play the game at Lenz Field in Jacksonville and both teams can travel halfway.  It’s a neutral setting. But, I suppose it would cost somebody money to have Lenz Field host a playoff game. It all comes back to financial obligations, I suppose.

As I was looking at the teams in the regional/subsectional – the 10 teams, in order of seed, were:  Quincy Notre Dame, Pleasant Plains, New Berlin, Auburn, North Mac, Havana, Beardstown, Pittsfield, Rushville-Industry and Carlinville.

Seeds one and four have to be paired together and seeds two and three. But for the remainder of the teams, I just don’t understand the geographical scenerios which took place.

Now Rushville having to travel to Pittsfield is a haul, though about half as long as Carlinville to Havana. It would have made more sense to hook up Havana and Rushville in the Beardstown Regional, and Carlinville and Pittsfield in the New Berlin Regional. That’s just my opinion, but it’s not my opinion that matters.

If travel is no longer a concern of the IHSA, then sobeit. But who gets to pay the bills for maintaining the busses or vans used to get to the game some 90 minutes away? That’s right, the schools.

But for the baseball Cavies, it’s been a nice season under coach Don Borgini and hopefully they can take some kind of comfort in knowing they have battled the top teams in the area tooth and nail, having beaten Southwestern once-almost twice, and playing Staunton to a walkoff situation on the road.

Just go out and shock the world, Cavies. Just shock the world.