How Harry Styles went from heartthrob to activist

How Harry Styles went from heartthrob to activist

By Sebastian Hitzelburger

For the Write team

CARLINVILLE (July 5, 2018) – Anyone who knows One Direction’s music knows who Harry Styles is. He’s the charismatic one and the one that all the girls swoon for. What most people don’t know about is the generosity and kindness that Harry Styles holds in his heart. He loves and supports his fans in the way that his fans support him. Every night he gives a speech on acceptance and love. He can be seen sporting stickers on his guitars such as “Black Lives Matter” and “End Gun Violence.” He’s aware of his platform and uses it to speak out on important social issues. To understand how this Harry Styles came about we have to look at his past.

Harry Styles’ grew up Worcestershire in England, the son of Anne Cox and Desmond Styles and the younger brother to sister Gemma Styles. As a child, Harry loved singing, citing Elvis Presley and Freddie Mercury as his influences. Harry auditioned for X-Factor on September 19, 2010 as a solo artist with the song “Isn’t She Lovely” by Stevie Wonder and made it through to the camps phase of the competition but was told he wouldn’t make it to the live shows. One Direction made five albums during their time and did four world tours. Eventually the band went on hiatus and began on their solo careers. Fans had to wait over a year to hear anything from Styles regarding music. Harry’s debut solo album is self-titled and features 10 tracks about love, heartbreak, and loss. Styles’ message was clear, this album came from the heart and was for his fans and he was able to speak to them through his music.

As someone who has been a fan of One Direction for as long as they’ve been a band, Harry has always been my favorite member of the band. Harry Styles recognizes his fans and reminds them how important they are to him at every show he’s had on “Harry Styles Live on Tour.” Every night Styles gives a speech and says, “If you are black, if you are white, if you are gay, if you are straight, if you are transgender — whoever you are, whoever you want to be — I support you. I love every single one of you. My job for the next hour and a little bit is to entertain you and I’m gonna do my very best. Your job is to sing, dance, do whatever it is that makes you happiest in the world. Please feel free to be whoever you wanna be in this room.”

As a fan, to be able to hear this and know that when I go to see him in concert that I’ll have a place where I can be accepted no matter what, is so important and Harry Styles is one of the few artists I see these days preaching love and acceptance. To hear that message from someone who I’ve dedicated a lot of time to makes me proud to call myself a fan.