Hardee's hosts rock painting party

Hardee’s hosts rock painting party

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Carlinville’s second rock painting party was held on Saturday, June 10, in the Carlinville Hardee’s.

At the party, children were allowed to pick the rock they were interested in, paint it, or other artistic activities. There was also a prize drawing for toys provided by the hospital. Ms. Wheelchair Illinois Alicia Woodman made an appearance and helped some children paint their rocks. All the rocks that were painted will be hidden around the community for people to find.

The party’s organizers, Chris and Kristi Weatherford, have received a number of sponsors since starting the rock painting parties last year. C. Weatherford said, “We’ve been sponsored by Dairy Queen, the hospital, Little Italy’s Pizza, and Hardee’s of course is allowing us to use their building.” Along with all these sponsorships, the Carlinville Public Pool offered half-price entry for an child who participated.

The Weatherfords explained how the painting parties and hidden rock game came to be. “We came to town last fall,” said K. Weatherford, “We painted all of the rocks ourselves and hid them. Everybody absolutely loved it, the kids had so much fun… last year we decided to do a painting party in the park where everybody could come and hang out. Everybody liked it so much that Hardee’s came to us and asked if we would be interested in doing one here this summer.” This worked out perfectly for the Weatherfords, as the painting party could continue if it got too hot or rained.

The Weatherfords participated in this hidden rock game while they lived in Hannibal, Mo., and decided to bring it to Carlinville when they moved. The Facebook group “CvilleRocks” has many more special rules and answers to questions, but the basic rules of the game are simple:

-Find the special painted rocks throughout the community.

– Take a picture of the rocks you find and share your adventures on the facebook group.

– Relocate the rock another spot so someone else can have the fun of finding it.

– If you want to keep the rock, go for it, but make sure to replace it with one you have painted.