Happy Dog offers more than doggie day care

Happy Dog offers more than doggie day care

CARLINVILLE (Jan. 11, 2018) – What started out as the area’s only doggie day care in July 2011 has since expanded to incorporate additional services for clients’ furry friends.

Happy Dog Stay-n-Play Daycare and Learning Center, owned by Linda Hartsook and her husband, Chris, now also offers boarding (for both dogs and cats), grooming and training.

With a variety of rooms for the dogs to play in, there is plenty of space inside and outside the facility — located in the corner of the Carlinville plaza — for dogs to have room to run and play, as well as for dogs to be separated if they don’t get along. “They’re just like kids,” said Hartsook. “Get too many in there, and all of a sudden, somebody doesn’t get along with somebody.” She noted they generally try to avoid having aggressive dogs at the daycare.

The dog rooms all have rubberized floors and are climate-controlled, with five different temperature zones throughout the building. Each pet has its own locker, where they can keep their leashes, special treats, food or medication if necessary.

Cats have their own, crate-free room to roam in, complete with a tall climbing tree made by C. Hartsook out of a cedar log from their farm. “The cat room is pretty secure, because they’ve got a couple doors to get through before they meet the dogs,” said Hartsook, noting they don’t get a lot of cats at the facility. “They’ve got plenty of place to roam.”

Hartsook requires that animals staying at the facility are up-to-date on their shots; she also prefers that they be spayed or neutered, though that is not a strict requirement. “Most of them are, because they’re just family dogs; they’re not going to be used for breeding or anything,” she said.

The facility cares for an average of 10-12 dogs on an average day, though the number is sometimes as low as five or six and has gone as high as 20. Similarly, they typically board 10-15 dogs per night; dogs that are boarded do not stay in Carlinville, rather, they are boarded in a special boarding facility at the Hartsooks’ home in Greenfield.

The grooming portion of the facility has a separate entrance, to the right of the main entrance. In addition, there is a small store area in the front lobby of the facility, which sells dog-themed items such as mugs, jewelry, greeting cards, etc.

“I try to remind the girls, and I try to tell everybody, we’re a customer service business, and we try to keep that in mind, and we do things on an individual basis,” said Hartsook, noting that if a dog needs to eat at certain intervals or has medication to take, that’s part of their job. “We try to do whatever each dog needs. We’re not just putting them in a spot and forgetting about them. They get a lot of outside time.”

Website: happydogstaynplay.com

Facebook: facebook.com/happydogstaynplay

Email: happydogdaycare@frontier.com

Address: 75 Carlinville Plaza

Phone: (217) 854-3647 or (217) 851-3320

Daycare: Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m.; appointment preferred but not required.

Grooming: Tuesday-Friday, 9 a.m.-5 p.m. by appointment; some Mondays and Saturdays by appointment only.

Boarding: 24/7.

Some of the dogs staying at Happy Dog Stay-n-Play Daycare and Learning Center on Tuesday, Jan. 9, wait eagerly for treats.