The growing political divide

Dear Editor,

Now more than ever, I am concerned about the growing political divide in our country that is pitting neighbor against neighbor and turning our democracy into a political game show. Our ideological differences seem to matter more than what unites us and harsh words and hate have taken precedence over reason and good policy. I believe in order to mend our political system, we need a bipartisan champion who reaches across the aisle and stands up for our values.

Until recently I believed this person, like myself, could only be a Democrat until I met the person we need to represent us: Avery Bourne. Avery is hardworking, intelligent, kind-hearted, and has proven she knows the issues of our district. Even though Avery does not hold all of my own personal views, she understands the value of her constituents’ voices and fights for the good of our district.

When I got the chance to work on Avery’s campaign, two years after first meeting her, I jumped at the opportunity. Truthfully, I was concerned because we do not agree on every issue. However, working for Avery has been some of the best and most fulfilling work I have ever done because every day I get to see Avery stand up for people like you and me. With Avery as our State Representative, I am much more optimistic for our state and our country. Please join me in voting for Avery Bourne for State Representative.

Vidalia Kuhl,