Greetings of the season to you!

Dear Editor:

Greetings of the season to you, our friends and supporters of recycling!

It has been a busy and challenging year at WeCare Recycling as we have recycled an estimated 600 tons of corrugated cardboard, magazines, newspaper, white office papers, plastics, tin and aluminum so far in 2018. While market values for most of these commodities are quite low this year, we continue to strive to provide this important service for our community. Thank you for continuing to recycle your materials with us.

Our board of directors is experiencing some turnover in its membership with new energy coming in. We are actively exploring a stronger partnership with Blackburn College as we continue to work hard to keep the recycling center going during these challenging economic times.

As the Enquirer noted in its article on June 28, WeCare Recycling has operated as a nonprofit organization for 30 years in our community, with only a minimal budget and support from donations. No government funds support our operation, which currently provides employment for four local people.

WeCare Recycling has long been an integral part of the Carlinville and Macoupin County community, providing important services to residents and businesses. We urge you to please consider donating funds at this critical time to help support the operation during the coming winter months, when material collections and values are traditionally low. Any size donation is very welcome and may be sent to WeCare Recycling, P.O. Box 133, Carlinville, IL 62626.

To continue to serve our community, we need a minimum of $7,000 monthly income to pay the bills of everyday expenses that include four salaries, equipment repairs, fuel, insurance, utilities, taxes and such.

We will keep you, our fellow community residents and users of our services, posted as we progress with decisions that will affect WeCare Recycling’s operations. If we are able to raise enough funds with this appeal campaign… if market for our materials increase our income in the next few months… if Blackburn administration and students become more involved in our day-to-day operations… if people like you continue to use our service and donate appropriate, clean materials… it’s very possible that WeCare Recycling may begin planning for its next three decades in our community.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for any consideration of financial support that you can give at this time! Merry Christmas, happy New Year and happy holidays to you all!

Wynne Coplea, secretary

WeCare Recycling

Board of Directors