Get healthy with Fitness-A-Go-Go

Get healthy with Fitness-A-Go-Go

CARLINVILLE (Jan. 4, 2018) – Though they’ve only owned and operated Fitness-A-Go-Go for the last six years, Tracy Bilbruck and Lori Hopping have been involved in the fitness business for more than 30 years. In fact, they owned the very first fitness facility in Carlinville, A  Touch of Class Figure Salon in the Michael Steven Plaza back in the 1970s.

“We just kind of stayed with it since then,” said Hopping. “Business was changing where we were, so we just decided to branch out on our own. Really, group fitness is what we like doing the most, so that’s all we have to focus on.”

“No management except for ourselves,” added Bilbruck.

“We get to do what we like to do, and we get to help people with their fitness,” said Hopping. “We enjoy that.”

Bilbruck said that over the years the business has collected approximately $12,000 worth of group exercise equipment, including medicine balls, dumbbells, tubing, hula hoops (a recent purchase for an upcoming class), yoga equipment, agility ladders, suspension training straps, kettlebells, cones, etc. “Out of all the fitness programs around, we’ve done ‘em all,” said Hopping.

Approximately 24 classes are offered at the facility per week. “With that many classes to offer, there’s something for everyone,” said Hopping. “Any ability can come to the different classes.” She noted that many of their clients are in their 50s. A full list of classes is available on the facility’s Facebook page.

Sue Kaiser also teaches yoga classes at the facility, including one-on-one personal training. Individual and small-group exercise training sessions are also available. “They can set the time and date that works out for them, if it’s something that’s not on the schedule or maybe they just want to stay in their own little group,” said Hopping.

Individual classes are offered Monday through Friday and cost $7 per person per class. Another option is to pay a monthly fee — $35/person, $45/couple or $50/family — for unlimited classes.

While most classes are offered in the auditorium of the Farm Bureau building, some are offered at Snap Fitness, the city pool, or in local parks. They also offer an incentive for coming to multiple classes: anyone who attends 10 or more classes in a single month earns a coupon for $5 off their next month’s membership fee. In addition, through the end of January they are preparing a 2018 fitness revitalization time capsule, for which members will record their fitness goals for the year. The capsule will be opened in January 2019 to see how many people achieved their goals. The goal of such incentives is to give participants a goal to work toward and a way to keep them energized and focused on their fitness. “A lot of the stuff we do, I think, is fun, so people don’t even really think of it as exercise, “ said Hopping, noting Bilbruck will lead bowling sessions at 6 p.m. on Tuesday evenings at Bowlero Lanes this month.

Hopping said they also try to promote other community businesses, such as through their partnership with Snap Fitness – which allows members an opportunity to get acquainted with the facility and equipment before going there on their own — or by using gift certificates as incentives for various challenges. In addition, they are supportive of the Park District (including through manual labor) and gather groups of people for local fitness events, such as 5Ks. “We’ll just let [members] know if we’re going to be there and try to get as many people to come with us as possible,” said Hopping.

Address: 222 N. Broad, Carlinville (Farm Bureau building)

Phone: (217) 854-3709 or (217) 825-5978




Participants in a Fitness-A-Go-Go class  for seniors exercise with TRX Gold suspension training straps that use body weight instead of additional equipment to help develop or maintain a strong core, improve balance and increase stamina. Pictured, from left, are Becky Thompson, Donna Scott, Bev Leach, Vera Schrieter, Karen Smith, Mary Ellen Ribble and Lora Wichita.