Gazda family donates lots to park district

Gazda family donates lots to park district

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Four residential lots on North Charles Street, just south of Burton Street and across from Tom Thumb Park, are now property of the Carlinville Park District. The property was owned by Bryan Murphy, the son-in-law of Thomas and Beverly Gazda, and Tom Gervais.

According to T. Gazda, he made arrangements with Murphy and Gervais to donate the property to the Carlinville Park District with the condition that the area be named Gazda Park and have a permanent marker to be owned and maintained by the Park District.

“The Park District is very appreciative of the Gazda family for giving this to us. One thing I’d like to ask is for the people around the park to think about what they would like to have here,” said Park Board President Larry Smith, who invited neighborhood residents to come to a Park Board meeting or give him a call and give the board some indication of what to do with the property.

“If they get an idea of what they’re going to do with it, people may want to donate something to help, like a park bench or a picnic table,” said T. Gazda, “It’s great for the northern part of the city and Standard Addition, I think.”

 Pictured, from left to right, are Matt Gazda, Thomas Gazda, Beverly Gazda and Park Board President Larry Smith. In front of them is the marker that will sit at what is now Gazda Park, located on North Charles Street.