Finance Committee halts development in city alley

Finance Committee halts development in city alley

CARLINVILLE (Dec. 14, 2017) – During Monday night’s meeting, Carlinville’s Finance Committee discussed the development of a route to be used by semi trucks in the alley which borders the property of D.L. Whitlock on the 300 block of Oakland Street. The matter was originally brought to the attention of the committee during the Nov. 13 meeting.

“I think the consensus I’m hearing is there is no way you can put an alley that’s going to hold semi trucks in that area,” said Chairman Sarah Oswald. “One of the main reasons is there is six-inch water line under it all. We can’t maintain it, the neighbors don’t want it… that’s the opinion I’ve been hearing.”

Alderman Joe Direso made a motion to leave the alley as-is and ask that development cease; Beth Toon then amended the motion to ask that the debris from bushes knocked over additionally be cleared. The amended motion was approved by the board.

Toon also discussed a previous proposal to implement a railroad “quiet zone” affecting trains traveling through Carlinville. If this were to be approved, trains would be forbidden from sounding their horns from as far south as the Rinaker Road crossing to as far north as the crossing next to the Central Illinois Steel Company building. Carlinville meets the Federal Railroad Administration safety guidelines necessary to implement a quiet zone, provided the proper signage is supplied. No decisions were made by the committee at this time.

Mayor Deanna Demuzio asked that the committee consider a request by Police Chief David Haley to look at the five-mile residency requirement for Carlinville police officers. Haley is concerned that because of the requirement, Carlinville is unnecessarily limited in hirable officers. If this rule were to be lifted, off-duty officers would be required to have a 30-minute maximum response time. Police cars would still be required to remain within the five-mile radius, meaning officers living outside that radius would have to leave the car parked in town. Haley will address the matter in more detail at the next Public Safety Committee meeting.