Finance committee discusses landscaping at train depot

Finance committee discusses landscaping at train depot

CARLINVILLE (Sept. 13, 2018) – Carlinville’s city finance committee Monday night discussed possible options to sprucing up the landscaping around the Carlinville Amtrak station.

After the original landscaping at the train station which was put in by Contemporary Landscaping of St. Louis failed to meet the specifications the city was desiring, the decision was made to pull out the landscaping and start over from scratch.

Mayor Deanna Demuzio said Monday their have been two bids to provide landscaping, from Marcus Davis Lawn Care and Kahl’s Greenhouse, both in Carlinville.

Kahl’s Greenhouse offer included gravel along with plants, at an overall cost of $8301, including $1701 for plants, $3400 for materials and $3200 for labor.

Marcus Davis’ bid came back to $3000, while providing free labor. This proposal would include flower grass around the foundation, bay lilies around the sign and perhaps some knockout roses and a butterfly bush among others.

Committee members were concerned about the maintenance needed to upkeep some of the proposed plants. They added if they could come to an agreement on plants that require less maintenance, that could be considered.

Currently the city does not have the proper staffing to take care of maintenance around the square or the train depot. No action was taken and further discussion will take place.

The committee discussed bills submitted by attorney Dan Schuering Law, including one involving the Illinois Alluvial Regional Water Commission. After looking at the statement, that bill was for correspondence between Schuering, city attorney Dan O’Brien back in February and March, when the city was in the process of hiring O’Brien as the city’s full-time lawyer, replacing Rick Geniatti.

All bills for the city were eventually approved by the board.