Final lazy, crazy days of summer with yard work events

Final lazy, crazy days of summer with yard

I always fear this time of the year. Really, the whole summer without schools in session.

For sports writers, we tend to fret the time when the final spring sports teams are eliminated and when the state track and field athletes have competed at state.

This summer has been unique as we have been following Kelsey Card’s quest to win a national championship in college and then earn a spot in the Olympics. It has been anything but a dull summer for her and we look forward to talking with her when she returns from Rio in a few weeks.

There hasn’t been the coaching changes in the county as there was last year, but we’ve kept busy with the county fair and all the racing that took place at the fairgrounds.

Summer league coaches have had the chance to submit their team scores and highlights this summer. Didn’t have any take advantage, and I respect that, but the year-end Central Illinois Sports League tournaments did provide some area team highlights.

I must admit I get geared up for the upcoming fall sports season. Golf, cross country, soccer, volleyball and football. Teams and athletes competing for school pride.

Blackburn College also returns to action with golf, soccer, volleyball and cross country.

Once football practice starts and we get into the JFL season and junior high baseball season, things tend to take off and the next nine months fly by like it’s nothing.

Some smaller newspapers will all together not run any sports at all in the summer unless something of note comes along. There are weeks in the summer where we have plenty of sports, and others where we are struggling to find sports.

While working in Nebraska, I was fortunate we had a junior and senior American Legion baseball program in town, and a local wooden baseball bat league where we had local teams. That made the summer go pretty fast, and we actually had a junior legion team win a state championship. That was quite a thrill covering all of that team in the summer of ‘02.

We just hope you all are looking forward to this upcoming sports season as we are bringing you all the local action from the Cavaliers, Blackburn and the county scene. Should be another fun year.

Of course I want to encourage you to read our newspaper. However, Tuesday evening games/events will usually be reported on our website location, usually on Wednesday mornings. I just want to give a heads up to those wanting to read articles on all the Tuesday events.

This weekend I found myself wanting to trim up some bushes and weeds outside the north and west side of our house.

Unfortunately, some wasps had other ideas. For the first time in many a year ( I cannot tell you the last time this happened), I was stung by a wasp, on the right elbow. I knew it right away. Quickly got treatment for it and went back inside for most of the day.

In years past, I had been allergic to such stings. After a while, it had swollen a little, but not too bad. Late last night, still not much. A little sore here and there. As of Monday morning, it’s still warm to the touch, but I have not had any ill effects of the wasp sting.

Eventually, I got what I wanted accomplished with the yard work, and before I left for work Monday, the yard waste had been taken away.

Got to like Mondays that start out like that.

Speaking of yard work, ever have a lawn mower pull cord just not recoil? Happened last week while attempting to cut grass. Had to go use a neighbor’s lawn mower for the day while I took our older model mower to the shop to get repair.

A bad spring or something, I suppose. Hope it gets fixed as the grass is again rising in our yard.

Just another unexpected expense. It’s just annoying more than anything. Enjoy the rest of your summer, everybody!