Filing period approaches for 2021 consolidated election

Filing period approaches for 2021 consolidated election


Enquirer~Democrat managing editor

If election fatique hasn’t set in yet, perhaps it will soon. In 20 weeks, Carlinville will select its next mayor, along with four alderman, treasurer and city clerk.

The filing period for those in Carlinville seeking office in the 2021 consolidated eelctions takes place Nov. 16-23.

Other municipalities have caucuses, with those who are seeking a spot on a local school board required to file the proper paperwork with the Macoupin County Clerk Dec. 14-21.

Voters, within the city limits, will be choosing who will serve as city clerk, mayor, treasurer as well as four alderman spots.

Signature requirements are based on the number of individuals, between 5 and 8 percent, of tho cast a ballot in the previous consolidated election in 2017.

For those seeking the position of mayor, clerk and treasurer, a minimum of 72 signatures from registered voters must be obtained. The maximum number which can be turned in is 122.

The alderman spots up for election in Carlinville include Ward 1 (now held by John Howard), Ward 2 (now held by Kim Harber), Ward 3 (now held by Doug Downey) and Ward 4 (held by Sarah Oswald until she left this spot to become acting mayor, it is vacant now but may be filled later this month).

Signature requirements for those seeking an aldermanic must be at least 5 percent of the voter turnout in the previous consolidated election. The range in the separate wards was between 1.45 (in Ward 4) to 4.7 (in Ward 2) to a maximum of 7.52 (Ward 4) or 50 plus the minimum, whichever is greater.

Those serving as aldermen receive $275 per month plus a $60 for expenses, for a total of $335 each month in office.

The position of mayor pays $250 per week, plus  $100 a month in allowance.

Jodi Reichmann now holds the treasurer’s position, which pays $200 per week plus a monthly allowance of $50.

Carla Brockmeier now serves as the city clerk. That full-time position will pay $52,000 at the start of the next term, in May 2021.

Consolidated election process

Candidates for local races in cities, villages, townships, school districts and other local districts began the process to get on the ballot earlier this fall, said Macoupin County Clerk Pete Duncan.

Sept. 22 was the first day that independent and nonpartisan candidates can begin to circulate petitions to place their name on the ballot for the April 6, 2021 consolidated election.

Candidates seeking a party’s nomination will have to wait until the municipal caucuses held the first week of December, Duncan said.

Duncan said anyone interested in running for a local office next year can either contact their local clerk, visit the State Board of Election’s website for a full Candidate’s Guide, or contact the Election office at (217) 854-3214 ext 918 or for more information. Petition packet, candidate information and signature requirement worksheets are also available at under the ‘For Candidates’ tab on the ‘Petition Packets’ page.