A family affair at Edward Jones

A family affair at Edward Jones

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Financial and investment advice runs in the family at Edward Jones in Carlinville.


In November of 1980 Skip Archibee established the Edward Jones investment office in Carlinville. This was the 300th Edward Jones office to be established, and one of the first Edward Jones brokerage firms to be placed in a small town. After a successful career Archibee retired in 2012 and Cheryl Beanblossom took over. With Beanblossom leaving this year, Michael Hadley is taking over. What makes this interesting is that it’s a family affair. Hadley is Archabee’s son-in-law, and is married to Ashley Archibee-Hadley who also works as a financial advisor for the Carlinville branch of Edward Jones.

Just as Archibee’s family has expanded, so has the firm. Edward Jones has grown to have around 15,000 offices across the U.S. and are consistently rated the most successful investment agency in the U.S. by the likes of Forbes and Money Magazine. This accessibility and success has led to the investment firm being called ‘The Wal-Mart of the Stock Market’.

Speaking about working with family Hadley said, “It’s’ basically a big family affair… Having a family dynamic really helps because we are able to bounce ideas off of each other. We both understand what we are doing from a business standpoint. We both understand the struggles, so if you’re having a bad day or had a bad day you can really relate to each other a lot more than if one of us worked another job.”

“I just really feel like it’s come full circle,” said Hadley, “I mean Skip did this for 40 years and now with me taking over it’s sort of come back around. Me and Ashley are really working as a team. There aren’t very many husband and wife teams in Edward Jones.”

“I’ve got a grandson on his way to work here eventually,” laughed Archibee, “He’s only three years old, so we’ll give him a few years.”