Fake news

Dear editor,

CARLINVILLE (July 5, 2018) – Seth McMillan is at it again with fake news, only this time he’s relying on the Chicago political machine he professes to hate so much to help him spread his lies.

A few months back we caught him lying on Facebook with paid ads about my vote on legislation that would impact the power plant in Coffeen in Montgomery County.

Now, Mr. McMillan is out with false personal attacks against me in a fake news publications targeted at MAcoupin and Montgomery County voters- a fake news publication paid for and orchestrated by Chicago political strategist Dan Proft.

It’s not the first time Mr. McMillan and Proft have used fake news to tell lies about me. The Coffeen Power Plant vote, his ever-changing position on being against school funding reform, and now this.

I’m calling on Mr. McMillan to denounce these Chicago-based Proft “publications” that have infiltrated our community. They’re nothing more than dirty politics disguised as credible, local news. Seth McMillan should vow to run a clean campaign- and that means finally rejecting his use of fake news once and for all.

Andy Manar