Fair memories: 2005 Ice Cream contest

Fair memories: 2005 Ice Cream contest

Josh Poos wins Ice Cream Eating Contest – 2005


They came with empty stomachs. Nine area celebrities sat along a table, spoons in their hands, ready to give their all for four minutes, proving who was the champ.

The University of Illinois Extension 4-H sponsored their first-ever Macoupin County Ice Cream Eating contest Tuesday, July 19, 2005, at the Macoupin County Fair.

DJ Bill Bort introduced the nine contestants to the enthusiastic crowd: Sen. DeAnna Demuzio; Carlinville city clerk Judy Decker, 4-H Foundation president Linda Eades; South County News’ reporter Dave Ambrose; Macoupin County Public Health director Kent Tarro; Carlinville Southern Baptist Church minister Tim Rhodus; Karmak owner Richard Schien; Acorn Medical’s Josh Poos; and WSMI’s Derek Stayton.

Each contestant had four minutes to eat as much ice cream as possible. Prarie Farms provided cups of vanilla ice cream for the contest.

Some contestants had no gameplan.

“I just hope there’s no embarassing picture with my mouth ful of ice cream,” Demuzio said. “I don’t plan on winning this thing.”

Others were bound and determined to claim victory.

“I haven’t eaten a thing all day,” said Tarro. “Oh yeah, I’m going to go all out and try to win this contest.

Others were there relunctantly. Rhodus, who had been on a diet for some time, had decided not to compete. Unfortunately, he was spotted nearby by Bort.

“C’mon Tim, we’re waiting for you,”Bort shouted on his microphone. “You have to get in here and eat ice cream.” After 30 seconds of challenges by Bort, Rhodus reluctantly took his seat at the table.

The contest began shortly after the Macoupin County Fair Cake and Pie Auction. Bort counted down the time, and the nine contestants grabbed their spoons and started eating ice cream fast.

Most of the contestants did very well for the first minute. Of course, as everyone knew, when one ate ice cream quickly, brain freeze began to set in. Several of the competitors had to stop momentarily when the cold ice cream hit their brains.

About halfway through the contest, it came down to a two-man race: Tarro and Poos. Both men began outdistancing the rest of the field. The crowd starting cheering, waiting to see whether Tarro’s experience could hold off Poos’ youth.

By the end of the battle, it was youth that had conquered. Poos managed to consume eight-and-a-half cups. Tarro was right behind, finishing seven-and-three-quarters cups to take second place.

Ironically, Poos received a $25 gift certificate for the Macoupin County Food Festival. He also managed to finish his last cup of ice cream after the time had expired.