Fair announces winners

Fair announces winners

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Swine judging got underway early July 5. Following are this year’s winners.

Hampshire gilt – Anne Becker of Jacksonville, champion and reserve.

Spotted gilt: Becker, champion; Drew Stayton of Carlinville, reserve.

Yorkshire gilt: Nathan Thompson of Carlinville, champion and reserve.

Black Poland China gilt: Jill Stayton of Carlinville, champion; D. Stayton, reserve.

Duroc gilt: Becker, champion and reserve.

All other breeds gilt: Becker, champion and reserve.

Crossbred gilt: Dylan Torrey of Jerseyville, champion; Becker, reserve.

Grand Champion gilt: Torrey.

Reserve Grand Champion gilt: Becker.

Hampshire barrow: Parker Fikes of Carlinville, champion; Mackenzie Wolff of Brighton, reserve.

Spotted barrow: Mallory Hemann of Girard, champion; Becker, reserve.

Yorkshire barrow: Delaney Hemann of Carlinville, champion; M. Hemann, reserve.

Black Poland China barrow: Nila Beatty of Jerseyville, champion; Faith O’Dell of Carlinville, reserve.

Duroc barrow: Becker, champion; D. Hemann, reserve.

All other breed barrow: Kylie Neisler of Witt; D. Hemann, reserve.

Crossbred barrow: Neisler, champion; Beatty, reserve.

Grand Champion barrow: Torrey.

Reserve Grand Champion barrow: Becker.

Junior Showmanship award: Beatty.

Senior Showmanship award: Torrey.

Sheep Show

Following are results of the junior sheep show.

Champion Shouthdown ram and ewe: Alexis Bowman of Palmyra.

Champion Dorset ram and ewe: Beau Mumm of White Heath.

Champion Katadin/Dorper ram and ewe: Taylor McHenry of Oakford.

Champion Cheviots ram and ewe: Luck Mumm of White Heath.

Champion Columbia ram and ewe: Brock Bowman of Greenfield.

Champion Oxford ram and ewe: L. Mumm.

Champion Hampshire ram and ewe: B. Mumm.

Champion all other breeds exotics ram and ewe: B. Mumm.

Champion all other breeds ram: L. Mumm. Champion all other breeds ewe: B. Mumm.

Following are winners of the open sheep show.

Champion Shouthdown ram and ewe: Bowman.

Champion Dorset ram and ewe: Nichols Sheep Farm of Jerseyville.

Champion Katadin/Dorper ram and ewe: McHenry.

Champion Cheviots ram and ewe: L. Mumm.

Champion Columbia ram and ewe: Roy Robinson of Carlinville.

Champion Oxford ram and ewe: Kenzie Meyer of Arenzville.

Champion Hampshire ram: B. Mumm. Champion Hampshire ewe: Chris Meyer of Arenzville.

Champion all other breeds exotics ram and ewe: K. Meyer.

Champion all other breeds ram: C. Meyer. Champion all other breeds ewe: B. Mumm.

Cattle show

Following are the results of the junior cattle show.

Champion Hereford: Riley Rhodes of Carlinville.

Champion Shorthorn: Emily Wolff of Brighton.

Champion Simmental: Sarah Richey of Medora.

Champion Crossbred: Claire Dorsey of Moro.

Champion all other breeds: Dorsey.

Champion Aberdeen Angus: Justin Wadlow of Jerseyville.

Champion lightweight Hereford steer: Jenna Moore of Medora.

Champion lightweight Shorthorn steer: Wadlow.

Champion lightweight Simmental steer: Clayton Richey of Medora.

Following are the results of the open show.

Champion and reserve Hereford heifer: Rhodes.

Champion Hereford steer: Moore. Reserve Hereford steer: Brianna Walsh of Godfrey.

Champion Shorthorn heifer: E. Wolff. Reserve Shorthorn heifer: Mackenzie Wolff of Brighton.

Champion Shorthorn bull: M. Wolff.

Champion Shorthorn steer: Wadlow.

Champion Simmental heifer: Dorsey. Reserve Simmental heifer: S. Richey.

Champion Simmental bull: Dorsey. Reserve Simmental bull: B. Richey.

Champion Simmental steer: C. Richey. Reserve Simmental steer: J. Moore.

Champion crossbred heifer: Cole Riemann of Raymond. Reserve crossbred heifer: Rieman.

Champion crossbred lightweight steer: Moore.

Champion crossbred steer: Torrey. Reserve crossbred steer: Moore.

Champion Aberdeen Angus heifer: Wadlow. Reserve Aberdeen Angus heifer: Hayden Flowers of Carrollton.

Champion Aberdeen Angus bull: Evans Angus of Virden. Reserve Aberdeen Angus bull: Triple B Angus of Shipman.

Champion Aberdeen Angus steer: T. Richey. Reserve Aberdeen Angus steer: Kip Reels of Carlinville.

Champion all other breeds heifer: Dorsey. Reserve all other breeds heifer: S. Richey.

Champion all other breeds bull: S. Richey. Reserve all other breeds bull: Simon Sarginson of Dow.

Champion all other breeds steer: Torrey. Reserve all other breeds steer: Tommy Wilson of Piasa.

Grand Champion steer and Reserve Grand Champion steer: Torrey.

Grand Champion bull: M. Wolff. Reserve Grand Champion bull: Dorsey.

Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion heifer: Dorsey.

Goat Show

Grand Champion wether: Joselyn Krueger of Jerseyville. Reserve Grand Champion wether: Mason Fricke of Chapin.

Harness Races

Following are results of the harness races. The three-year-old pace first division and the three-year-old pace second division were rained out.

Two-year-old filly pace: David Dotts, Terra Haute, Ind.

Three-year-old trot: Henry Brown, Ackerman, Miss.

Two-year-old filly trot: Stephanie McKinnon, New Berlin.

Two-year-old colt trot: Donald Huddleston, Palmer.

Demo Derby

Compact Class: Cody Meyer, Jerseyville, first place; Ricky Hobb, Lincoln, second place; Conner Schmidt, Carlinville, third place; Tim Westernaver, Taylorville, fourth place; Tyler Bennett, Modesto, fifth place; Hayden Thompson, Carlinville, sixth place; Daryn Henke, Staunton, seventh place.

Bone Stock Class: John Michaelis, Hillsboro, first place; Steven Newman, Greenville, second place; Chad Michaelis, Hillsboro, third place; Meyer, fourth place; Derek Otto, Carlinville, fifth place; Kyle Yesky, Irving, sixth place; Cody Moore, Palmyra, seventh place; Dave Booker, Chatham, eighth place; DJ Rice, Girard, ninth place; Colten Grotts, Greenville, tenth place; Jeff Harris, Jacksonville, eleventh place.

Modified Class: Scott McAdams, Palmyra, first place; Terris Lacy, Virginia, second place; Kyle Lomelino, Jacksonville, third place; Jeremey Kelly, Palmyra, fourth place; Tim Sonneborn, Jacksonville, fifth place.

Old School Class: Lacy, first place; Shane Bettis, Waverly, second place; Drew Bohlen, Staunton, third place; Scott Michalis, Hillsboro, fourth place; Justin Reynolds, Hillsboro, fifth place.

Truck and Tractor Pull

Following are the results of the truck and tractor pull.

9,500-pound Pro Farm: Devin Cain, New Douglas.

6,000-pound Super Stock: Shawn Peetz, Troy.

8,500-pound Limited Pro Stock: Brent Schorfheide, Hoyleton.

5,500-pound Antique: Ron Kolweier, Addieville.

5,800-pound Modified: Lane Bollinger, Taylorville.

800-pound Hot Farm: Dan Boeing, Breese.

12,500-pound 12 MPH: Bruce Lidy, Dieterich.

12,000-pound Open County: Kyle Christopher, Shipman.

15,000-pound Tractor: Kyle Christopher, Shipman.

Truck 7,000-pound Factory Stock gas: jeff Burk, Owaneco.

Truck 8,500-pound Work Stock diesel: Owen Maul, Jacksonville.

Truck 6,200-pound Two-wheel-drive Superstock gas: Jed Davis, Palmer.