Facade grant recipients must get job done by end of year

Facade grant recipients must get job done by

CARLINVILLE (Jan. 11, 2018) – The city of Carlinville Finance Committee did not want to set precedent in ruling that businesses approved for a city’s Facade Grant must complete work by the end of the calendar year if they want reimbursed.

Hollywood and Vine, located at 229 West Main St. in Carlinville, received one of six grants from the city’s Facade Grant improvement program in 2017.  The grants were awarded in April.

The owner of Hollywood and Vine, Deborah Borre, wanted partial payment from the city. However, the job is not completely finished.

Borre did provide a canceled check of $3,000 which was paid to the company who is doing the repair work on the building. The total amount of the repairs is  $7,000.

City’s Zoning Director Steve Parr said she talked to Borre, saying the job did not get completed by the Dec. 31 deadline because of weather-related issues. It became too cold to complete the paint work on the building.

Finance chair Sarah Oswald was unsure how to proceed and asked the committee for some guidance.

“The money is based on work being completed,” Oswald said.

“I think they need to follow the rules,” added committee member Elaine Brockmeyer.

“My only concern is if you make up an exception for this, then you’re setting a precedent,” said committee member Doug Downey. “That’s where we get into trouble.”

Parr estimated that the building’s west and south walls have been completed, and about 3/4 of the north wall facing Main St. has been completed. The windows haven’t been wrapped and painted as of this time.

“I would say about 3/4 of the work has been completed at this time,” Parr said.

The committee voted unanimously to not allow payment for facade grants if they did not beat the deadline for getting the job completed. Hollywood and Vine can reapply for facade grants this coming year.

The city’s Facade Grant improvement program awarded $11,087 in grants to six local business in 2017, resulting in $34,712 of work performed.

From 2014 to 2017, the program has awarded a total of $46,390 in grants to 24 businesses, resulting in total investment of over $156,000 by recipients of the Facade Grants.

The committee also approved installing a book rack at the train station, which will be attached to the wall, at a cost of up to $100.

The book rack will give local businesses a chance to promote with fliers and other brochures about upcoming events and other tidbits about the business if they so choose to do so.