The end of an era

Dear Editor,

It is truly the end of an era.

Four kids raised in a small grocery store in a small town, it was our life, it was all we knew. The long-time loyal employees of our parents were a part of raising us. Norman and John Koehler, Grace Newton, Arlene Ward, Dale Reels, Betty Gwillim, Donnie Bouillon (who still remains a loyal employee of our brother and sister-in-law) to name a few, and many others past and present. They were more than employees, they were family. Our brother then raised his family there, as we were raised in that small grocery store. Everyone who has been a part of the store has their own special memories. Dozens of teenagers who were quiet and shy came to work at Carl’s and soon learned to socialize by simply saying “paper or plastic” and/or “can I help you out?” And, how could we forget moving a grocery store from the Carlinville square down a main street of Carlinville, no small task. The memories there are endless for us, our family, employees, and many others.

Unfortunately, for various reasons the landscape of most small towns in this country is changing. But, as someone once said, change is the only constant in life.

For 49 years, Carl’s would not have remained without the loyalty of the customers, not only from Carlinville, but the surrounding communities. Generations of families have shopped there, and simply saying “thank you” seems inadequate. The loyalty won’t ever be forgotten by the Brockmeier family.

Our best to our brother and sister-in-law, and our sister as they begin their new chapter. Carl’s will always be a part of us, and I know our Dad is looking down and saying thank you as well.

Always “Hometown Proud,”

Carla Brockmeier and

Bill Brockmeier