Encouraging Macoupin County voters

To the editor:

I would like to encourage Macoupin County voters to join me in supporting Andy Manar for re-election as State Senator from the 48th district. If you make your decision based on character, work-ethic, and accomplishments, I believe Andy is the clear choice. He has consistently demonstrated the kind of leadership and integrity that is needed in Springfield.

Before he became a State Senator, we were already familiar with Andy’s abilities from his service as County Board Chairman at a time when the county faced serious financial issues due largely to declining sales tax revenues. In his role as board chairman, Andy crafted budgets that required the county government to live within its means. Not all the decisions he made were easy. He cut the size of the county board, negotiated employee contracts and eliminated waste. It was an effort that required him to work with county board members from both parties and, in the end, Macoupin County was able to have a balanced budget without cutting services to constituents.

His “can do” attitude and willingness to think outside the box permitted him to lead the effort to revamp the state’s public school funding formula, resulting in thousands of dollars in additional state funding for local schools in downstate Illinois. More recently, he has led the effort to force pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) to be more transparent about the fees they charge to administer prescription benefits under Medicaid. If signed into law, the measure will provide the leverage needed to save hundreds of small independent pharmacies from closing their doors because of dwindling state payments. The measure is critically important to areas such as Macoupin County where a large percentage of residents qualify for Medicaid benefits.

In my opinion, we have a winner in Andy Manar. He deserves our vote to return him to the State Senate.

Karen and Jim Kelly,