Elementary PTO donates $20,000 to Carlinville schools

Elementary PTO donates $20,000 to Carlinville schools

The Parent Teacher Organization of Carlinville Primary and Intermediate Schools have had an excellent fundraising year.

In May, the group was able to donate $20,000 to the Primary and Intermediate schools to benefit students in the Carlinville Community School District No. 1.

The PTO surveyed teachers to determine items that would best serve the students in the district, and as a result of these surveys, the PTO’s funds will be put toward lockers for fourth and fifth grades, and playground equipment for children ages kindergarten through third grade.

The PTO is a group of parents and teachers who volunteer their time to provide elementary students with fun events and raise money for the schools.

New PTO officers for the 2018-2019 school year were nominated and voted on in September of 2018.

Becky Reels was named president; Taryn Kahl, vice president; Lauren Jaeger, treasurer; and Kate Wills, recording secretary and communications.

When new officers took over this year, they set a goal to raise $40,000 over the course of three years to donate to Carlinville schools. In order to achieve this goal and ensure that they included as many parents as possible, Reels created committees and committee chairpersons.

“I felt it was too much for officers to do it all,” Reels said. “Committees would get more people involved, and more people involved would help it be more successful.”

PTO reached half its $40,000 monetary goal within seven months.

The officers and members or Carlinville Elementary PTO would like to sincerely thank parents, businesses, and community members who participated in, donated to, or sponsored fundraisers this year.

Fundraisers included Pop Sockets, a profitable solutions detergent fundraiser, which will be repeated in the fall, Dueling Pianos with Spanky, Entertainment, a Chik-Fil-A sandwich fundraiser,and Cavie Hats by Kelsey Watkins.

The PTO’s Art Academy and Holiday Treasures Gift Shop events were also unexpected money makers for PTO, and the group plans to continue these popular events next year.

Parents of pre-K through fifth grade students not already signed up for PTO are encouraged to join Carlinville K-5 PTO’s Facebook Page and email list at carlinvillek5pto@gmail.com.

Carlinville teachers recently were presented with $20,000 from the Carlinville PTO.  Front, from left, are Melissa Suits, Amy Petrovich, Ginger Whitworth, Taryn Kahl, and principal Elise Schwartz; back, Tarea Nejmanowski, Becky Reels, Vanessa Kufa, Kate Wills and Jill Graham.