Election reflection

Election reflection

By: Chris Best

At the time of this writing the midterm elections are still underway, but by the time this article reaches newstands, the results of the midterm elections will have been announced. Regardless of who wins and who loses the election, these newly elected officials are going to impact the future of our state and our country for the next few years and onward, for better or for worse (but let’s hope it’s for the better).

In the wake of the midterms, some are likely overjoyed by the victories of their preferred candidates, while others are sure to be disappointed or even angered by election results that didn’t quite go their way. It’s completely normal to have these initial reactions, but before anyone gets carried away with gloating or blasting the opposition party, I want to take a moment to reflect.

In all my life I have never seen our country so divided as it is today. The polarization of the red and the blue ideology has gotten out of hand. Everyday, whether it be on the street, on TV or via social media, I see Republicans accusing Democrats of being communists, or Democrats accusing Republicans of being Nazis. Each party seems to treat the other like they are responsible for all the wrongs in the world. There is so much hate in politics today that it is sickening, and it’s driving the parties further and further apart.

I see more and more young people disenfranchised with our political system all together because of this. What’s the point in casting a vote when you lose either way? Candidates that are excessively liberal or conservative can be unappealing to those in the middle of the road, and even if someone good gets elected, they’ll never get anything done because the other side is up against them every step of the way. It’s beginning to feel like our bipartisan system is broken when no one seems able to work together.

What I’m trying to say here is that we need to remember that before we are Republican or Democrat we are Americans first. Instead of being at each other’s throats, let’s try to understand one another. Everyone, Democrat or Republican, wants America to be the best country that it can be, but as long as we’re so against one another, we’re never going to achieve that. What we can do is work together to find a common ground. By all means, if you believe in something you should stand up for it, but just because someone else doesn’t agree with you, that doesn’t make them the enemy. Can’t we have an open dialogue about politics without it turning into a shouting contest?

Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, I hope you voted in this election. Hopefully this new batch of representatives will be able to put their biases aside and remember that we are all Americans, and we’re all in this together.