Dump truck options discussed by public works committee

Dump truck options discussed by public works committee

CARLINVILLE (April 12, 2018) – The city of Carlinville Public Works Committee Tuesday night discussed how it wanted to handle the department’s request for repairs or to replace the aging vehicle.

Tim Hasara, Public Works Director, told the committee that Truck 16, a dump truck, is used for a lot of things, including transporting dirt and rock, salt spreading and snow plowing.

But with the fuel line and other needed repairs on the vehicle, it could be around $7,000 to get the necessary repairs, Hasara said.

The value of the truck is somewhere under $5,000. Since the repair estimates are under $10,000, it is not covered by Woodward and Curran, the management company for the public works department.

Hasara said for the time being, it’s not a necessity to get the repairs completed, but would like a resolution on the repairs or have a different dump truck in stock by the fall season.

The public works committee decided to hold on any recommendations at this time. Hasara will look into a seeking a replacement, either in state surplus or by seeking a good used vehicle.

Woodard and Curran

The monthly report for Woodard and Curran included no lost time accidents for the month of March.

The finished water quality was within regulatory limits, as the water treatment plant produced 22.14 mg for the month.

Three small water leaks and two sink holes were reported, and they were fixed by the company.

The wastewater treatment plant treated and discharged 61.839 million gallons of wastewater for March. No sewer overflow events were reported.

A total of 39 preventative work orders for the water plant and 67 preventative work orders at the wastewater treatment plant were performed.

Street department employees completed 127 preventative work orders and 92 requests for city utility locates from the J.U.L.I.E. call center, including replacing nine meters.