Disagreeing hurts community more than it helps

Disagreeing hurts community more than it helps

4 13 17

Dear Editor:

I agree with your editorial last week about the city council. And, like the gentleman who also wrote about it, I agree with him. There is too much bickering and backstabbing and personal agendas. They all need to realize that nothing gets done without cooperation.

No new laws or any type of work can be done without a majority vote, so it’s useless to say someone wants something done one way because of friendship. For example, the water issue. Someone said the mayor wanted to go with Jerseyville because of friends, over Litchfield supplying water. If the council votes against going to Jerseyville, there’s no favoritism. There are many problems that need addressed.

Stop arguing over bills that are being paid without council approval so we don’t incur late fees. I think it’s a smart move on the treasurer’s part and also think there aren’t that many.

Hopefully the new aldermen we are getting can help bring unity to the council, because all the disagreeing hurts our community, makes us look foolish. Remember, you work for the citizens of Carlinville, and you are replaceable.


Danny R. Parish