Days as a summer intern

Days as a summer intern

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With Blade C. Williams

The Write Team

Hello, my name is Blade (yes, that is my true birth name). I am currently an intern at the Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat.

I started May 17, 2017. So far the experience has been both enlightening, busy and fun.

Before going too far into my experiences at the Enquirer-Democrat I would first like to share some more about who I am. Currently, I am a senior at Blackburn College, and I am majoring in communications and minoring in professional writing. I have participated and led clubs such as Film Club, Anime Club, and Spectrum. I have worked in several different departments in the Blackburn work program, mainly in student affairs, working in Student Activities, Residence Life, New Student Orientation and this fall I will be working in Career Services.

My hobbies include creative writing, drawing and painting, singing and dancing (not too well) and binge watching shows on Netflix and Hulu. I am pretty open-minded and imaginative as well.

The internship so far has been quite the learning experience. I have done a full rotation throughout the Enquirer-Democrat. I started working in editorial when I first arrived, taking photos and writing articles. Then, I moved to work at the front desk where I filed paperwork and greeted customers. I then went to production and distribution where I learned how the paper is assembled and sent out. Finally, I made my way to advertising where much of the newspapers revenue is made and requires quite a bit of hard work and open communication.

The people here have been so jovial while I have been here. I am most grateful for this opportunity that I have been given. I am learning not only from the formats and guidelines of the newspaper but also from the experience of the people who work here as well. At first I was very nervous because you wonder about if everyone is nice, how is the work atmosphere, what is the work load like, etc. Looking back, I had nothing to really be nervous about at all. After day one, I became less nervous and did the work I was given. There have been a few bumps in the road but my coworkers have helped me through my mistakes and I learn from them.

I hope that before my internship ends that I learn much more about the work the Macoupin County Enquirer-Democrat does as well as get to know the good people who work here more. I have even considered seeking permanent employment here as well because I love the job, the people, and the work environment as well.