Credit needs to be given

Letter to the Editor:

CARLINVILLE (Aug. 9, 2018) – I want to put the spotlight on a group of people that do not get enough credit – the employees of Heritage Care Center of Carlinville. My mother recently passed away as a resident of the facility. During her stay and while on hospice, she received warm and loving care from a professional and dedicated staff.

The individuals that work at Heritage Care Center of Carlinville take their jobs very seriously and demonstrate the skills necessary to care for an aging population in a devoted manner. Long-term, skilled care is a job that is easy to comment on, and even easier to criticize for those of us who are not in the profession. It can be difficult meeting residents’ needs, while balancing the expectation of family members. The staff at this facility shines in this capacity. They do their job each and every day, not looking for accolades and praise, but because they are honorable, good people who genuinely care about our loved ones.

I appreciate the staff at Heritage Care Center of Carlinville as they exemplify the old adage that it truly “takes a village” to care for one another.

Jaime Fullington