Creating memories at Deb's Ceramics

Creating memories at Deb’s Ceramics

CARLINVILLE (Nov. 9, 2017) – In Carlinville Plaza next to Little Italy’s Pizza is a ceramics and painting shop known as Deb’s Ceramics. Compared with the plain, brick and concrete exterior of the plaza, a step inside Deb’s shop is a vibrant oasis. The walls of the store are bright blue and covered with numerous hand painted canvases; a sharp contrast to the hundreds of white bisque ceramic figurines, housewares, plaques, pet accessories and other customizable ceramics which fill the shelves.

Deb’s Ceramics opened its doors in September of last year, and as owner Deb Gotcher will tell you, the business has “grown tremendously.”

“I’m really thankful to the community for the success so far. The response has just been really positive,” said Gotcher.

The store began with the premise of offering customers the opportunity to pick out and personalize their own unique ceramic items within the store, including some vintage molds that could be recognizable to anyone who remember making making ceramics in their youth. “It’s a great way to make memories with the grandkids or nieces and nephews,” Gotcher said. She also provides the paint necessary to decorate in the studio, or can sell kits to those who wish to decorate from home.

The ceramics remain the core of the business; however, over the past year Gotcher has expanded to offer guided canvas painting workshops friendly to novice painters. “So many people think, I can’t do that, I’m not an artist, I can’t draw,” said Gotcher. “I say you don’t have to.” For a fee, Gotcher will even make house call to provide the canvas painting service for groups of five or more.

The store’s unique service for the area has attracted interest from all over the area. “People have come from surrounding communities as far as Nokomis and Virden,” said Gotcher.

4-H Clubs, church youth groups and an upcoming visit to North Mac High School are all examples of bigger groups which have employed Gotcher’s services, and she encourages others to call ahead and schedule their own trip. In addition to the work stations available in the front of the store, there is also a back room available to accommodate any larger parties. Although large groups should call ahead, Deb’s Ceramics is open six days a week, and she encourages anyone to stop by during business hours. “Whenever I’m open people are free to come in,” affirmed Gotcher. “This makes a great date night.”