Court news 3-15-18

Court news 3-15-18


Joshua M. Hawk of Staunton and Danielle J. Reed of Staunton

Jacob E. Linhart of Palmyra and Jami R. Moore of Palmyra

Ronald D. Coleman of Brighton vs. Rosanne J. Acain of Woodside, NY

Andra N. Moulton of Staunton and Nolan E. Pittman of Staunton

Joseph R. Hemphill of Staunton and Rebecca M. Drummond of Staunton.

Divorces filed

Emily S. Knowles of Gillespie vs. John A. Knowles of Benld

Lindsay R. Westhoff of Gillespie vs. Charles H. Westhoff of Gillespie

Joshua R. Booker of Virden vs. Adrienne K. Lujan-Grider, unknown

Shelby D. Johnson, Brighton vs. Nathan P. Johnson, Brighton

Amy L. Kline, Carlinville vs. David K. Kline, Carlinville

Jorge P. Stewart, Carlinville vs. Valerie M. Stewart of Palmyra

Ruth A. Allen of Staunton vs. Corey B. Hays of Bunker Hill


Auto Sales of Illinois, Inc. of Litchfield filed a replevin complaint against John Perkins of Benld, seeking $5,711.49 in default payment in regards to the purchase of a vehicle.


Steven E. Lucykow, 40, East Gillespie, has been charged with methamphetamines possession in connection to a Jan. 5 incident in which he allegedly knowingly possessed less than five grams of methamphetamines.

Nicole E. Ruyle, 35, Benld, has been charged with methamphetamines possession stemming from a Feb. 24 incident in which she allegedly knowingly possessed less than five grams of methamphetamines.


Mark B. Bersch, 61, Carlinville has been charged with criminal trespass to property after staying at Hardee’s on North Broad St. in Carlinville after being told to leave the building.

Jamie L. Cozzoni, 33, Staunton, has been charged with two counts of deceptive practice stemming from incidents at Bill’s IGA, in which she allegedly passed bad checks in the amounts of $126.69 and $91.73.

Matthew R. Meneguzzo, 24, Coffeen, has been charged with unlawful possession of cannabis in connection to a Feb. 20 incident in which he allegedly possessed more than 30 grams but less than 100 grams of cannabis.

Jimmy D. Byrd, 57, Mt. Claire, has been charged with battery following an incident on Feb. 10 in which he allegedly struck another individual in the face with a closed fist.