County road/bridge committee report

County road/bridge committee report

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Carlinville resident Larry Pfeiffer addressed the Macoupin County Road and Bridge Committee Wednesday morning inquiring about a salt shed that the county once owned.

Pfieffer explained that he addressed the committee two years ago about concerns about the shed which houses salt used during the winter months on the county roads.

The building, which has since been sold to John Kinser, still has salt in the building as the board has had permission from Kinser to store the salt until a permanent salt shed could be built, said Macoupin County Engineer Tom Reinhart.

Pfeiffer has property near the area, including 236 North Oak St. where his son currently resides. The shed is behind that residence. His son has to avoid all sodium due to health concerns, including having to have kidney stone surgery on several occassions.

The question that Pfeiffer would like answered is whether the salt located in the building that is seaping onto his adjacent property is causing the kidney stones for his son.

He invited members of the board to tour the property, review the damage and communicate with him a timeline for addressing the issue.

A building to house the salt may have to be moved up the priority list so the salt in the current shed can be transferred.

The committee agreed to continue to explore what options could be available, including possibly cleaning up the affected area where salt was leaching onto the Pfeiffer property.

Hot Box

Reinhart asked the board to consider looking into the puchase of a Hot Box road equipment which would make it easier to maintain and patch holes in the county roads during the winter months.

The Hot Box stores the tar and keeps it heated using a diesel burner built into the trailer.

Reinhart sought information and received bids from a pair of companies, including a local one in Hampton Equipment Co. out of Raymond.

Hampton Equipment’s bid for a Hot Box was $29,050, while a second company, in Michigan, had a slightly different version at a cost of $28,225. That is a difference of $825 between the two prices.

The committee made a motion to have Reinhart see if he can negotiate a lower price for either of them and then report back to the committee before sending it to the full board for approval.

Three 50/50 petitions were discussed, including one for Brighton #12.

The project would inclue and 84 inch by 70 foot pipe on Mile Station Road, one-half mile east of the railroad tracks. Cost would be $14,000.

A pair of pipes need replaced in Western Mound #39 and #40. One pipe is 60 inches by 75 feet in diameter, while the other is a 24 inch by 52 foot pipe. They will be taken to the full board for approval.