County finance reviews midyear budget, audit

County finance reviews midyear budget, audit

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The Macoupin County Finance Committee Thursday night had a review of its audit and a review of midyear budget among the items on the agenda.

The fiscal year 2016-17 midyear budget review included an idea of where things stood from each department as far as expenses and income was concerned.

Overall, Circuit Clerk Pete Duncan said they wanted the expenses to be as close to 50 percent spent as possible. Overall, it came in at 49 percent, although they have spent $49,867.29 more than this time last year.

Finance committee chair Dave Thomas was concerned about the departments that were over the 50 percent goal, and made a motion to contact the department heads to get feedback on why their department is over the approved amount. Motion passed

The Jail Medical department is at 62 percent and the Sheriff’s department ia sat 53 percent. The Coroner is at 56 percent and Supervisor of Assessments is at 53 percent. The Copy Room is at 59 percent.

Duncan called the income at the midway point “a bit murky.”

While they are running at $76,946.68 more than last year, overall it’s only at 48 percent, where 50 percent was the goal.

Total operating transfers brought in are at 55 percent, but the intergovernmental income is running at just 42 percent. Duncan said the committee should “keep an eye on it.”

Crystal Bock, CPA from Scheffel Boyle in Jerseyville, presented the company’s finding in the fiscal year 2015-16 audit, adding that the board did a good job of decreasing expenses over the past year.

County assets were valued at $30,375,000.  Overall cash balance was up 3.6 percent or about $515,000.

General fund increased 18 percent or $586,000.

With county revenues, property taxes were up $1.2 million due to having five distributions compared to four last year. Intergovernmental federal went down $123,000 or 43  percent due to some highway money. Intergovernmental money was down $442,000 or eight percent.

Overall, total revenues for the intergovernmental funds were up $1.3 million or 9 percent, Bock reported

In expenditures for intergovernmental funds it was decreased about $170,000 or 7.2 percent.

Overall, it was a surplus of around $500,000 for the intergovernmental fund, Bock said.

Overall, Bock said the county finances look good.

“The big thing to remember is you had an unmodified, clean opinion on your audit report, and that’s the best thing you can do,” Bock said. “You’re at the state’s mercy at cutting costs, so you’re doing what you can.”

The committee approved three resolutions, one of which establishes a Circuit Clerk E-Citation Fund. The state police beginning July 1 will begin issuing electronic citations. A state statute of $5 electronic fee, about $3 of which the county will keep, and this special fund is where that money will be placed.

A second resolution regards consolidating the revolving loan funds to one main account.

The committee also decided to transfer back to the general fund from the revolving loan fund a loan of $50,000 from several years ago. It either had to be considered a permanent transfer or transfer back to the general fund reserves. The committee motioned to transfer the money back.

In a property tax update for this year, Duncan reported that the county is on track to have the treasurer’s office start printing property tax bills by May 1.